Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Even Normal People Are Labeled Extremists When it Comes to Eliminating GMOs from Their Food

It’s official.  An article in February 2015 announced that so-called officials expanded the psychological term “orthorexia nervosa,”  to all persons actively seeking whole and healthy foods and supplements .  When I first heard the term, it was defined as a strong obsession for pure nutrition bordering on extremism.  These persons will accept no other foods that are not considered pure.  Veganism is substandard.  I and many others I know who desire whole foods rather than processed products are included in this group.

This is a regretful effort to reduce the efforts of many who value their health and who inform others of the deceptive and fraudulent practices of corporations driven to capitalize on the compromised health of consumers from substances that were never studied.

According to Consumer Reports March 2015 issue in the Your Advocate section -“GMOs: Your Right to Know”,  92% of Americans want labeling .  Several states passed GMO labeling laws:

Personally, I prefer banning them completely.  Eliminate them from all foods. GMO foods have been on the market for over 15 years.  As such, because it was unknown, advocates say the claims of these foods impacting  Americans are unfounded.  According to them, no links could be forged.  They claim, even without any studies , GMO foods are completely safe.  However, reported facts about pigs refusing  GMO feed circulated.  Stories about brain tumors removed from patients with rather high bt toxin levels in their urine never received much media exposure except on internet.  Rodale’s publication in 2012 of the Canadian study included 39 women, some pregnant, some not.  After birth, the newborn children had bt toxin in their bodies.  The placentas of all of the women contained bt toxin, the substance Monsanto stressed was destroyed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. 

Several countries banned GMOs and protect their citizens.  The United States, the country of origin,  has not.  Hilary Clinton, who looks old, bedraggled, and in poor health despite still being ambulatory, continues to peddle the benefits of GMO as being this new, efficient, and effective way to solve world hunger.  

The amount of food grown across the planet is not the problem.  According to the UN, enough produce able to feed each person alive twice was harvested. Inadequate distribution – legitimate and artificial – continues to slow or eliminate delivering the produce to the users.

RoundUp an herbicide produced by Monsanto killed weeds which produced seeds of superweed  that are now immune to its active chemical glyphosate.   This is creating another weed infestation for farmers.  A new herbicide is being  developed to kill the superweeds..  Yet no study is being done to see if it will end up in humans.   The common threads throughout all of this are: concealment  of products people stated they don’t want n their bodies; continued lying about non-existent facts, and  insatiable greed.
That makes for a tight little bundle.


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