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GMO Products: Hey! How About Those Normal Tasting Foods That Do Incredible Things to Our Bodies?

GMO Products:
Hey! How About Those Normal Tasting Foods That Do Incredible Things to Our Bodies?

(Written November 2012 by Allison L. Williams Hill)

In 2012, I’d been listening to and reading many findings about health and disease.  The Farm Bill that year  did not succeed regarding GMO labeling.   But continue to alert your Congress people of your desire to have GMO products labeled.  As you know, the farm bill was modified and enough of your trusty representatives thought you did not need to know that your food was altered. GMO products, until next time, will remain anonymously stuffed among food we have consumed for decades.

On his Pacifica Radio WBAI show in 2012 around the time I originally wrote this, Dr. Gary Null read the names of people who were either consultants for or employees of Monsanto who worked for or are working for government in high power positions. This article  included the activities of the State Department’s appointees, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton encouraging the use of biotechnology.

I began reading the book Seeds of Destruction per the encouragement of a friend.  I found it online but got a copy anyway so I could mark it and include my own notes.  F. William Engdahl, the author produced a remarkable document chronicling the beginning of the path for Monsanto to become the horrific corporation it is.  I did not know that former President George Herbert Walker Bush (41) issued an Executive Order that gave Monsanto the foothold into the health of every American and subsequently the encouragement to achieve the same of every human on the planet.   

What Can You Do?
Everybody should support the Farm Bill; there is still more work to do.  Congress systematically votes it down under the effective pressure of the food processing manufacturing industry.  The industry and their lobbyists are telling congressmen that Americans do not know what to think and that less information helps them make decisions easier.  Is that true for you? If it is not, support that which improves your health, not what makes money for ConAgra, Monsanto, Cargill and the likes.

Read Seeds of Destruction by F. William Engdahl.  Learn by understanding the history of the politics of resources and genetic manipulation and, in my opinion, wrongful use of executive power.  The most useful question we need to ask is: can we change this? Can an Executive Order be challenged?  Another question is: given that an Executive Order can be challenged, what would it take to successfully launch and accomplish a project such as this?  

Useful Resource
Support the Center for Food Safety and get your copy of the True Food Network Shopping Guide  for a hard copy or cell phone app. This will easily inform you of what foods to avoid that are likely to contain GMOs. 

Raw Organic Cacao - Beans, Nibs, Powder & Butter

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