Saturday, March 22, 2014


 I take sky photos; this one in Orangeburg, South Carolina. There is a face in the clouds on the left.

March 21, 2014

Why are chemtrails still lacing the sky?  Rain carries the contents to the planet’s surface.  It ends up in our respiratory system, on our skin, and in the soil.  People with organic gardens without green houses, please note that these substances end up in the soil and in the flora itself.  Thorough cleansing of the produce does not remove the unnatural elements that are of materials that Nature cannot use.

Chemtrail Central documented information on chemtrails between 2000 and 2001 ().
The author used a sheet of glass, set it in rain and noticed that a film formed.  He had it analyzed.  If anyone disputes the results, his process, as I have given it, makes it extremely easy for anyone to duplicate.  If money is an issue, I would suggest taking it to the local agriculture extension.  Your purpose would be to see what is in the rain and how it can help your personal crops or your lawn. 

Ted Gunderson. Former FBI chief, spoke about chemtrails tying them to the United Nations.  See his video done in the last year of his life.    It may be coincidental that Mr. Gunderson crossed over in the same year that he recorded that video.  Representative Dennis Kucinich acknowledged their existence and listed it in his Preservation of Space bill.

The European Union is proposing issuing permits for private gardens, another bureaucratic way of controlling the food supply. Will we see that in the United States or is poisoning the atmosphere more effective and even more efficient?  Personally grown food is already being controlled – with contamination.

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David Paul Starr posted content on Facebook that also acknowledges and documents that chemtrails exist and what the stuff in them does to the body, particularly the brain, the Command Center.   

"Every breath we take is now laden with toxic metals and chemicals from the ongoing global atmospheric spraying. These materials "bioaccumulate" in our bodies and brains. What we face from the climate engineering programs is nothing less than an all out assault against us, the planet, and all life." Article link:

We are living in it, walking, breathing, and working in it now.   There is a solution: the chembuster.  A device based on Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy principals, the chembuster is easy to construct.  There are several web sites that provide instructions and, for those who are not handy, ready to purchase units.  If the cost seems prohibitive, consider splitting it among your neighbors.  The area the chembusters clear of chemtrails stretches for miles around, revealing blue skies that we used to know, or were told about,  fifty years ago.

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