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"The Roam" by Allison L. Williams Hill

Every diet ever written has someone’s name on it or a culture or condition, or religion associated with it.

That does not mean it will work for you.  Each of us is uniquely individual.  Small tweaks here and there separate us to the extent that food and lifestyle plans are specific to environmental and physical condition.

What the Institute for Integrative Nutrition gave due attention to is a concept called Primary Food. Joshua Rosenthal, the founder, noticed that no matter how pristine one's diet or food plan is, if it is not coupled with right thinking and feeling, its effect is rendered almost useless.
Mind and heart must be in harmony in order to use the nutrition one consumes.

My work looks at energy center integration and the fulfillment of four areas of your life all of which need to be attended. A simple question to ask yourself is: "Am I happy?" 

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of "Wisdom of Your Cells", shattered accepted dogma with new information that folds so beautifully as whipped egg whites (or egg substitute) into batter: our thoughts directly affect our physical bodies. And Dr. Candace Pert, author of "Molecules of Emotion" proved our emotions affect our physical bodies.  

What both acknowledge is that:

                       > Your body is energy influenced by energy.

                        >Thought is energy.  

                        >Thought influences your body.

The subconscious holds the beliefs that the young mind selected and stored between the ages of 2 and 5.  The beliefs serve to protect, when they are the correct beliefs to have.  When imbedded, beliefs block that which can improve your life. They need to be reprogrammed.  Regardless of what you do to change yourself, those beliefs, if left in place, may make it difficult for you to sustain. Full Spectrum Living looks to see if any blocks exist to maximize the time and money you are investing into your new undertaking.

The best question to ask yourself is: "Am I happy?" If the answer is no, then "Why?"

That is why the health history interview is soooo important!

Your early life, your life with your family, the life you have created, and the life you are living now, if it differs, contribute to what is happening NOW.

Let's sit and talk about your life.

Full Spectrum Living
Health Coach Services “Live fully…live well.”

I am an integrative health coach certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I lead workshops on nutrition, and offer individual and group health and nutrition  counseling on weight management, emotional eating, self-image issues to professional women, caregivers, and healers.

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Allison L. Williams Hill is an artist, designer, planner, Master Metaphysician, Wholistic Health Coach, and inventor. She shares her work and services through several web sites:

 Metaphysical Services and Spiritual Art
"Do All Things In-Vesica"
Services as a registered Medium and Spiritual Counselor, Certified  Spiritual Healer, Church of Wisdom, and a member of  the Holistic Healers/Healing Works Professional Association.

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Living Altars

Body Custodian explores what the internal systems look like as a result of habits.

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Allison Williams Hill is a Local Internet Marketing Advisor.  With DotComSecrets, she is able to apply information to our sites above and to assist others to maximize their presence, online or offline, to attract more customers.


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